Join the WTFDA!

Why DX alone when you can enjoy DXing FM or TV with others? Join the WTFDA for just $10USD. This is a one-time joining fee and you will never pay renewal dues again.

By becoming a member, you’ll get access to our WLogger, a real-time prop logger, access to our WTFDA Forums and our Weme social media group.

You can pay your joining fee by Paypal or by check or money order payable to WTFDA. When using Paypal, send your joining fee from the Paypal site to or go to

Our mailing address is WTFDA, PO Box 501, Somersville, CT 06072.

We cannot process your membership without a valid email adderess (which is only used for correspondance from the club to you).

We will be in contact with you to confirm recept of your dues.