Bryce Foster and myself returned from a winter break with a new episode of the VHF DX Podcast in April!

Our special guest this episode was veteran North American FM and TV DXer Frank Merrill. Frank’s first TV DX memories occurred in the 1950s, and he took us from his start in Michigan, to his location to Toledo, to the magical location of Macomb, IL, where he has been DX’ing since 1985. We discussed some of his best catches, including the Thanksgiving and Christmas openings in 1986, how we insist he has logged the lower 48 on FM, and his affinity for the Bolin phase box. Frank has now permanently settled in Chicago. 

Bryce and myself provided clips in the Audio Highlights section of some of our best FM DX in our careers. Bryce showcases some tropo catches from his time in TN, while we hear his outstanding Es catches from Cape Cod to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Colombia, and France, from the 2021 and 2022 E-Skip seasons.

We’ll be back with another episode to preview the upcoming DX season later this week!