Saturday morning, June 24th was a good morning for FM DXers looking for TA catches. At least 5 DXers heard RTP Antenna 3, 87.7mhz from Pico de Barrosa, Azores from roughly 8am to 10am EDT. Distances ranged from 2400 – 2700 miles. These fortunate DXers live in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, eastern New York and Ontario, Canada. Both audio files and baseband files were recorded and you may see some of them here in the near future.

Multihop TA DX is not for those using a dipole or portable radio because signals from distances of around 2500 miles or so are weak, mostly hanging around the noise floor, with occasional sharp signal spikes reaching full quieting. One of the best ways to DX this kind of skip is with an SDR using a high-gain outdoor FM antenna where you can monitor the spectrum for any sign of a distant TA signal. A location somewhere on the east coast of North America doesn’t hurt either.

Here are the loggings of Bryce Foster on Cape Cod. You’d think the Azores were in his backyard.

We can tell you that Bryce outdid everyone else. If only Bob Cooper were alive to see this.