For a Few Months There Were Two Legal KLUVs on the Air.

Back in early 2023, the Educational Media Foundation, known as EMF, acquired Audacity’s stations in Buffalo and Memphis, which also included rights to the KLUV callsign of 98.7 in Dallas. In June 2023, KLUV in Dallas changed its branding to “98.7 the Spot” and took the new calls of KSPF and the KLUV calls were parked on 98.7 in Huron, SD in late June.

In July, North Texas Radio Group applied to change KDNT 94.5 in Oakwood, Texas to KLUV and the FCC granted the change to take effect on July 19 and KDNT also became KLUV. But in December NTRG asked to exchange the KLUV calls with KAMM-AM 1450 in University Park, Texas and EMF threatened to sue for damages and the unauthorized use of the KLUV calls.. NTRG then withdrew its application to swap calls. This action was followed by an application to change the calls of KLUV 94.5 Oakwood, Texas to KEEI effective of February 5, which was granted by the FCC.

KLUV still exists, but now only on 98.7 in Huron, South Dakota, but for a few months there really were two KLUVs on the air thanks to the FCC!