In this episode, I’ll walk you through incorporating the knowledge from the first 5 videos into conquering one of the most challenging modes of DX – Meteor Scatter. We’ll use tools and tricks including the Data File Analyzer, variable filters, RDS Spy (MPX output) and contrast optimization to quickly uncover buried Meteor Scatter in IQ recordings. We’ll review an “easy” file first with a couple of open FM frequencies, then move onto a more challenging environment where we hunt for meteors overtaking weaker to moderate regional signals that clutter the FM band for many DX’ers. Chapters: 0:001:30 Introduction 1:305:10 First file & Ms vs. other modes 5:1015:00 First IQ file review (Lyrids 2024) 15:0023:30 Second IQ file review (Perseids 2022) 23:3024:33 Conclusion / preview