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Welcome to the new home of the WTFDA! We’re glad to see you here. Feel free to browse the site. You should find somthing here to interest you.

We feature original apps such as the W Logger (Prop logger), FM Database and the Radioland App  developed by WTFDA members for the DX community,.

This site is dedicated to TV and FM DXers everywhere!

FCC Makes Franken FMs Permanent

The Federal Communications Commission today (7/21) voted to permit a limited number of low power television (LPTV) stations operating on TV channel 6 (TV6) to maintain their existing analog FM radio services (FM6 operations) on an ancillary or...

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Multihop Es – East Coast NA to Azores

Multihop Es – East Coast NA to Azores

Saturday morning, June 24th was a good morning for FM DXers looking for TA catches. At least 5 DXers heard RTP Antenna 3, 87.7mhz from Pico de Barrosa, Azores from roughly 8am to 10am EDT. Distances ranged from 2400 - 2700 miles. These fortunate...

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Multihop Es Newfoundland to Spain/Portugal

Multihop Es Newfoundland to Spain/Portugal

These loggings were made by Larry Horlick, Coley's Point, Newfoundland on the morning of June 23rd These are loggings most of us dream about. He does more than dream, he hears them. (Times are in UTC).

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FCC Opens New LPFM Filing Window in November

But with many LPFMs in financial difficulty, who will file? The Media Bureau (Bureau) announces a filing window for applications for low power FM (LPFM) new station construction permits. The filing window will open at 12:01 am EDT on Wednesday,...

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Thank You!

We’d like to thank Joel Rosenberg of Toronto for being so kind to send us paper copies of the 1971 and 1972 VUDs, plus a few other issues to make our collection as complete as it can possibly get (unless somebody has some 1968 issues stashed away somewhere). So, if you are a VUD collector, go get them in the VUD Archives.

Where’s The Es?

A great place to check to see if skip is nearby is the WTFDA logger called the ‘W-Logger’. If one of our posters notices it, word spreads and the first to know are those who watch the logger. You need to be a WTFDA member to use it.

Another place to check is the FM List Visual Logbook where users post their logs and the logs are plotted on a map of the Unied States. Very cool. You need to be registered there to use that feature.

DX maps has been around for years. It plots 50mhz amateur radio contacts on a map of the world.  Some say it’s not as reliable as it used to be, but it still can be used as a skip indicator. No registration is needed to watch the maps.

There are other sites similar to DX Maps that will plot 6m contacts on a map. G7IZU and N3TUK  are two of them.

If you know of other sites, let us know. Happy hunting!


We’ve read a report recently that Danish satellite/OTA antenna maker Triax has begun winding down their operation and that the company will soon be history. Antenna  manufacturing is most definitely not a flourishing industry in 2023.

WTFDA Members

Effective October 1, 2023 your VHF-UHF Digest will be completely online. Register here at wtfda.org for a preview of the September VUD which will be viewable as soon as you log in. It’s the same magazine with the same information, just in a differerent place.

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