Antenna Theory

In this section you will find articles on yagi theory plus information on a fringe antenna (the rhombic) that has gone out of favor in recent years because of its size. It's gain, however, is unreal and this antenna was used in the "deepest of the deep" fringe locations and would would work wonders on today's DTV stations, if anyone cared to try.
The Lost Art of Rhombic Antennas
Rhombic TV Antennas
The Yagi
UHF Antenna Comparison Charts

TV and FM Development

There's a little bit of everything in this section. You can follow along with the progression of TV and FM broadcasting over the years.
1928 Scanning Disc Television Kit. DIY, back in the day.
The Meissner TV Kit
List of TV Markets, Stations and Channels in 1940 - Radio - Electronics May 1982
FM status in 1942. Only 26 stations!
Rapid FM Expansion in 1944
FM Status in 1950. Color map from radio-Television Retailing 1950
FM Status in 1959
TV and FM Development - 30 Years in Review James E Kluge
W2XQR The station that eventually became WQXR 96.3 New York
W39B Mt. Washington NH, which eventually becameWMTW or WHOM (FM)
The Concert Network. Coverage maps of all member stations from NYC to Boston in the early '60s.
Lack of International TV Standards - eric M. Leyton Sept 1968
White's Radio Log 1951 - C DeWitt White Co. 1951


This section focuses on propagation.
Nature's Invisible Radio Mirror - James F. van Delta WA2FQZ Radio Electronics Nov 1961
VHF Ionospheric Propagation - George Jacobs W3ASK and Stanley Leinwool CQ Magazine Nov 1969
The Mystery Behind TV DX - Radio Electronics May 1951
Interpreting Test Patterns - Ken Kleidon Radio and TV News April 1952
The Effects of Co-channel Interference on KVOO during the Summer 1942 (Pages 16-17)
TV Over the Horizon - Thomas J. Hidley Electronics Illustrated Aug 1959
Es in Depth - Dr Mei Wison

WTFDA Corner

A collection of articles by WTFDA members or old photos of WTFDA members.
WTFDA Convention 1977 Group Photo
Ryan Grabow's Ch2-6 Eskip Maps
AIPA Group Photo 1957
QSLing TV and FM Stations - Frank Aden (Popular Communications Sept 1977)
DXing the TV Bands - William Eckberg (Popular Communications Sept 2000)
Meteor Scatter DXing on the FM Bands - Frank Aden (Popular Communications Aug 2000)
Breaking the TV Distance Barrier - Morrie Goldman (Elementary Electronics June 1977)
The Challenge of OTA TV DX - Dan Oglethorpe (Spectrum Monitor June 2015)

Bob Cooper's Corner

Here are the first 16 issues of Robert B. Cooper's DX Horizon magazine from 1960 through April 1961. Before you begin, please read Bob's Readme file for some valuable historic data. Also check out the 1975 Test Cookbook published by Bob's CATJ magazine.
Jan 1960Oct 1960
Feb 1960Nov 1960
Mar 1960Dec 1960
Apr 1960Jan 1961
May 1960Feb 1962
Jun 1960Mar 1962
Jul 1960Apr 1962
Aug 19601975 Test Cookbook
Sep 1960Read This First!


Various articles about SDRs, including how to use them with the various software packages that are available.
How to set up SDR Console for FM DXing
How to Use Your RSP with HDSDR
The SDRUno Cookbook
SDRUno User Manual
SDR++ User Manual
SDR++ Installation Manual
Elad FDM-S2 Manual
Watch on YouTube - Quick Logging with SDR Console and FMList - Using SDR Console with the FMList Logging Tool - Bryce Foster May 2023

AIPA Archive

Founded in 1953 by a young Bob Cooper, the AIPA was the club for TV and FM DXers. The AIPA lasted ten years until 1963 when it was suddenly disbanded. Many AIPAers later went on to form the WTFDA. This is a collection of all the AIPA bulletins we could find, courtesy of WTFDA member Les Prus.